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Crude Zinc Oxide Dust Recovery-Slag/Dross Recovery-

Crude zinc oxide C.Z.O. is one of the important resource of zinc metal extraction. The main source of crude zinc oxide includes: a. zinc dust collected from EAF electrical arc furnace ; b. fume dust collected from zinc leaching residue treatment by waelz kiln; c. zinc fume dust collected from lead slag treatment by fuming furnace; d. zinc skim from steel galvanizing/plating process.

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the slag fuming process techniques have been reported from Australia and Germany . These are i a cyclone furnace for slag fuming at Port Pirie Australia ii suspension smelting and volatilization at Sachsen D.D.R. Technology of the fuming process Molten slag is subjected to a blowing treatment with a

Recovery of volatile metal values from metallurgical slags

The fuming process reduced the zinc content of the slag from 7.5% in slag fed down to 2.7% with zero carbon addition and to respectively 1.0 1.3 and 1.4% with carbon additions of 7.5 10 and 12.5%. The fume contained respectively 59 66 63 and 58% zinc for zero 7.5 10 and 12.5% carbon additions.


A method for recovering zinc from slag derived from lead smelting comprises subjecting the slag to a leaching step under conditions in which zinc is dissolved into solution and silica present in the slag dissolves and re-precipitates in a form that is readily separable from liquid and recovering zinc from the solution.

Investigation of Zinc Fuming Processes for the Treatment of

Submerged Plasma zinc-fuming process In the Submerged Plasma zinc fuming process Figure 1 electric plasma torches supply process heat and good mixing conditions to the slag bath. Inside the plasma torches the cold blast air is transformed into a high-enthalpy plasma gas. The plasma gas with natural gas CH 4 is injected into the slag bath.

Kinetics of the zinc slag-Fuming Process: part II

A mathematical model of zinc slag fuming has been formulated based on the kinetic conception of the process developed in Part I of this paper. Each of the major reaction zones in the furnace — the slag bath where reduction of zinc oxide and ferric oxide takes place and the tuyere gas column where oxidation of coal and ferrous oxide occurs — have been characterized mathematically.

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Typical zinc recovery yields of about 87.5% are observed. Depending on the process conditions lead oxide is also recovered from the slag. In Table 9.6 typical data for the slag fuming process are presented.

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Typical zinc recovery yields of about 87.5% are observed. Depending on the process conditions lead oxide is also recovered from the slag. In Table 9.6 typical data for the slag fuming process are presented.

Recovery of Recycled Zinc by Slag Fuming at the Ronnskar

Recovery of Recycled Zinc by Slag Fuming at the Ronnskar Smelter English Hansson R. / Holmgren H. / Lehner T. New search for: Hansson R.

A Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling Study of Slag Fuming

Abstract—Slag fuming is a process of extracting zinc from molten slag in the form of metal vapor by injecting or adding a reducing source such as pulverized or lump coal natural gas etc. Top Submerged Lance TSL technology has been successfully applied to extract zinc by a fuming process from residues from the zinc industry ISF and QSL

High-pressure coal injection in the zinc slag fuming process

Zinc slag fuming is a kinetically controlled process based on the direct reduction of slag by entrained coal. The kinetics of the process are governed primarily by two factors: 1 the fraction of coal entrained in the slag and 2 the rate of ferrous iron oxidation. A series of high-pressure coal injection trials have been completed at Cominco& 39;s lead smelter in Trail British Columbia in

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The slag fuming process is therefore kinetically controlled. There are essentially two critical parameters: the fraction of coal entrained in the slag and the rate of ferrous iron oxidation. The rate of ferric reduction balances ferric inputs to the bath by displacing previously reduced zinc from the entrained coal-slag reaction bubbles.

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2 Plasma-fuming process. The plasma-fuming plant is equipped with two electric plasma torches that are able to fume up to 2000 kg of slag in total. A schematic of the submerged plasma process as described in Verscheure et al. is depicted in Fig. 2. The furnace is fed with pre-mixed goethite which forms the liquid slag bath.

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Subsequently in Stage 2 zinc is fumed from the already molten Stage 1 slag to create a final discard slag with a total zinc recovery of 99%. The use of sulphide sulphur as fuel to smelt has economic advantage over the present end-of-pipe TSL appli ions that require two steps for smelting and sulphur removal and then fuming using primary fuels.

Fundamentals of zinc recovery from metallurgical wastes in

Pilot-scale testwork has proven the technical feasibility of the Enviroplas process for the recovery of zinc from EAF dust and LBF slag. The produced slag consistently met the USA EPA TCLP test for safe disposal. Very good zinc extraction fuming rates and condensation efficiency were achieved during the testwork.


3.2. Properties of Zinc Fuming Slags 17 3.2.1. Resistance of zinc fuming slags 17 3.2.2. Activities of ZnO and FeO in zinc fuming slags 27 3.3. Electrolysis in Molten Sili es 32 4. SCOPE AND OBJECTIVES 35 5. "FACT" CALCULATION OF THE ACTIVITIES OF ZINC AND IRON 37 5.1. Cu-Zn Binary System 5.3. Synthetic Slag 40 5.2. Cu-Zn-Fe Ternary System 43

Recovery of Metallic Zinc from Bath-Smelting Gases

This slag could flow to a further bath-smelting reactor for continuous zinc fuming. Rather than collecting the zinc as fume from such a process one option would be to recover it using a lead splash condenser. The success of this operation would depend on the composition of the gas produced in particular the concentrations of gases capable of

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The process waste gas which is rich in SO 2 is withdrawn through the waste-gas shaft which is set up adjacent to the smelting shaft. Lead bullion and slag are tapped from the electric furnace. The zinc contained in the fume of the electric furnace can be recovered as metal in a condenser or can be after burnt to zinc oxide.

Treatment of lead and zinc slags in hollow electrode DC-EAF

zinc slags Slag fuming Slag fuming is an evaporation process in which zinc and lead from a liquid slag are transferred into an oxidic flue dust13. The liquid slag is charged into the water-cooled reactor where also solid residues such as slag granulates can be charged10. Pulverized coal <0.1 mm is injected into the slag bath by air6. At the

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Weight% Zn in slag a and weight% Cu in matte b vs. C/O and C/feed ratio for ISASMELT process Summary Two new processes have been developed for the pyrometallurgical processing of zinc leach

Kinetics of the zinc slag-Fuming process: Part III. model

In the final part of this paper the mathematical model of the slag fuming process developed in Part II based on the analysis of industrial measurements from Part I has been subjected to a sensitivity analysis then employed to elucidate the rate limiting steps and to predict the influence of process variables on fuming. The kinetics analysis has been based on model predictions of fuming

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The decrease in zinc recovery is f o u n d to be correlated 274 TABLE 4 Metal analysis in the production solution Quantity of slag used: 50 g total volume: 500 ml typical assay values of the slag were 2.4% Zn and 4.8% Fe Exp. no. Broad description Zn conc. Zinc Fe conc. Fe g/l recovery g/1 recovery % % 1 Modified sulfuric acid 1.8 76.4 4

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Zinc Slag Fuming

Slag fuming is a reductive treatment process for molten zinciferous slags for extracting zinc in the form of metal vapor by injecting or adding a reductant source such as pulverized coal or lump coal and natural gas. A computational fluid dynamic CFD model was developed to study the zinc slag fuming process from imperial smelting furnace ISF slag in a top-submerged lance furnace and to

Kinetics of the zinc slag-Fuming process: Part i. industrial

A study involving industrial measurements and mathematical modeling has been conducted to eluci-date kinetic phenomena in the zinc slag fuming process. In the first part of this three-part paper the results of industrial measurements and observations are presented. In Part II a mathematical model of the process is developed and finally in Part III the impli ions of a kinetic conception of

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Slag fuming is a reductive treatment process for molten zinciferous slags for extracting zinc in the form of metal vapor by injecting or adding a reductant source such as pulverized coal or lump

Recovery of Non-Ferrous Metals from By-Products of the Zinc

A process for the recovery of metals from industrial Zn residues containing Zn Fe and S is defined wherein Zn is fumed Fe is slagged and S is oxidized to SO 2 characterized in that the Zn fuming the Fe slagging and the S oxidation are performed in a single step process by smelting the residues in a furnace comprising at least one


Dross Premelting Smelting Zinc Fuming. ABSTRACT The Enviroplas process was developed at Mintek to treat certain metallurgical wastes such as Lead Blast Furnace LBF slag Electric Arc Furnace EAF dust and Neutral Leach Residues NLR from the zinc industry. The process relies on a DC arc furnace and

A novel method for metal recovery from zinc fuming slags

In typical zinc and lead production operations lead blast furnace slags and zinc leaching residues are usually fumed to recover zinc metal. Regardless of the fuming methods employed the tail slag from zinc fuming furnaces still contains about 3 per cent or more zinc and some trace amounts of elements such as lead indium and germanium. Although by traditional measures the contents of Zn Pb

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