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The Nozzle Cleaning System consists of a specially manufactured cylinder that plunges a steel bar through the nozzle hole to remove the slag build-up that causes narrowing of the diameter and consequently slows the liquid metal flow rate. The cleaning bar or pipe is a consumable part.

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Depending on the used production technology the steel slag can be divided into a basic oxygen steel slag an electric arc furnace slag and a ladle furnace slag De Brito and Saika 2013 . The steel slag is used as a secondary cementitious binder or aggregates for road construction Sheen et al. 2013 ; Manso et al. 2004 .

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38 and electromagnetic techniques 39 can remove deoxidation products from the melt. Flux Entrainment Prevention. Submerged ladle-to-tundish pouring and avoidance of ladle slag carryover will reduce the amount of exogenous inclusions in the melt 6 14 .

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Ladles: Slag from the melting methods detailed above if not totally removed at the melting furnace will be transferred to the metal pouring ladles along with new slag generated during the metal transfer process. Because the walls of the pouring ladle are much thinner with little insulation more heat loss

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AFCIHOLD is a Slag-Holding compound is added as a slag coagulant in continuos induction furnace and in molten metal pouring ladles prior to pouring in the mould. It may be added either to the surface of the bath after the ladles is filled or to the bottom of the ladle after a heel of molten metal has been poured.

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GFN-1 Flux minimizes inclusion defects caused by dross and slag entrainment fluidizes oxide and sulfide reaction products increases metal fluidity and reduces slag build-up in ladles and ductile iron treatment chambers. SCF-1 Cupola Flux is a specially formulated cleansing agent recommended for use in cupola melting operations. It is

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A single shot from an ATD-Pressure Gas Tube can remove the skull safely without damaging the ladle. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of the use of heavy machinery. 12. Iron Ore Pelletizing: Remove Build-up in the Grate Kiln Pre-heat while on line Blast Furnace: Remove Build-up in the Uptake Dust cher and Downcomers 13.

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The term “dross” is often used interchangeably with the words “slag” and “spatter.” Whichever you choose to call it excessive buildup of hardened metal on your cut can lead to costly downtime needed for post-cut cleanup. While dross and slag are inevitable in the CNC plasma cutting process there are several ways to reduce them.

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effective appli ion. This product can also be used to soften existing oxide build-up and simplify removal from furnace or ladles. Reeli-Klean AL -516 is suitable for use in all the major casting processes and is intended for use with non-modified or sodium Na modified aluminum-silicon alloys.

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B. Open one tuyere to prevent C02 build-up and possible explosion. C. With poker smartly break out bott and gently ream breast hole to assure even and thorough flow down spout and into preheated ladle see Fig. 14. D. Re-bott when iron fast flow stops and slag appears. E. Deliver iron to molds. Fig. 14. Bott removed and iron flowing down spout. 11

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Typically inductor life may be as long as 18 months. However if slag build up occurs the useful life may be reduced to only a few months or in some extreme cases a few weeks. It is very difficult to remove accumulations of slag from the inductor loop or throat area.

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15 24 to 27. April 2016 Cologne Refractory Technology Part II Steel Teeming Ladle· A. Viert auer/ RHI-AG H. Schröter/ HKM Stahl-Zentrum CAS-OB versus Ladle Wear Aluminothermy heating Splashes and build up of steel and slag on/ into the bell Overheated Slag bad stirring and or too long heating

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Ladle top ring. The ladle top is most often damaged by chemical erosion because the ladle top ring is directly in contract with molten slag. This is sometimes what decides ladle service life. Thermal issues. If the ladle cools down during service stop thermal shock can lead to tension build-up and subsequent crack formation.

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CN203292480U Molten lead surface oxidizing slag removing device : testing and reusing riser tubes with aluminum build up : 06/19/2013: CN203003139U Slagging CN202779742U Steel ladle slag

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With this information you can set up a program of routine crucible replacement that will minimize downtime. Control dross build up by cleaning regularly. Dross or slag build up is bad in every way as it can affect future metals that will be melted in the silicon carbide graphite crucible.

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Some of the impacts of slag have been previously touched upon and refractory-slag interactions are regarded as one of the most detrimental parts of casting 23 . Reports suggest that the optimal way of ensuring no build up of tundish slag slag from smelting and from the ladle should be removed ahead of reaching the tundish by physical or

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basis to monitor and control slag matte and solid build-up. Slag is tapped almost on a continuous basis apart from occasions where repairs to spouts are required or when liquid levels are low. Slag is channeled from the spout into a stream of water to granulate it before being dewatered using a rake classifier.

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The locking pins are lo ed in the ladle lifting bail and you don’t really want to be climbing up a ladder to remove the locking pins when the ladle is in operation. Conversely with small ladles there can be a stability problem as the ladle has a lot of weight high up when the sliding tun-dish cover is locked in the up position.

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Converter carryover slag and synthetic slag additions are two elements of the ladle steelmaking system that can be considered together as they are the principal components which go to make up the ‘Ladle Top Slag’. The ladle top slag floats on the surface of the steel in the ladle and has a profound impact on the inclusion population in the

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A carbide grade with additives to provide a resistance to build up? C-5C-6C-7 How good is the surface finish on the top side so that things won& 39;t stick? A rake change on the top surface to provide more sliding in the cut to remove any buildup? That leftover on the surface by the laser is simply rock hard but it also makes the mark more

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The Tight Ladle has a removable bottom allowing refractory in the reaction zone to be repaired without removing the good refractory in the upper part of the ladle. Order a spare bottom to have lined and ready for hot or cold changes whenever needed. No Slag Build-Up

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Figure 3: With its new slag grinder Vac-Con no longer has to worry about manual grinding to remove slag only manually feeding parts into the new equipment. Moving from right to left plasma-cut parts progress underneath two abrasive rollers and then to a wire brush that rotates in the direction opposite of the material flow.

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Deflashing is the process of removing excess adhesive resin build up or molding compound. Deflashing can be accomplished through processes including media blasting wet blasting vibratory finishing tumbling and high energy systems.

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remove build up. The result however is that iron in the slag becomes reduced to the metallic form and alters the matte to a ‘malloy’ composition sulphur deficient . This superheated ‘malloy’ has the potential to dissolve copper coolers where installed and cause severe erosion of the coolers above the matte cooling blocks.

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Because of the depth of the treating ladle required to hold approximately 1400 pounds of molten base iron it is difficult to reach the bottom of the pocket to remove any slag build-up therefrom. In addition the greatest amount of lining erosion occurs around the pocket curve resulting in the need to patch this region on a regular basis.

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The nozzle requires maintenance every 1-11/2 hours to remove slag and metal build-up. The KALTEK insulating board system consists of three components: A back-up refractory safety liner in the metal shell of the pouring box KALTEK boards custom-designed to fit the safety liner Coarse sand to separate the KALTEK boards from the safety liner The

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Home > gold sprial classifier > debur removing slag build up on ladles Improving Ladle Cleanliness for Iron Foundries Foundry For ladles with severe sidewall build-up a series of "wash heats" or taps where the flux is added to the molten metal in each tap and significant reduction of the sidewall buildup will be observed after five taps.

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The adhesions and/or build-up interfere with melting thereby decreasing furnace efficiency. It is not unusual to have two inches or more of slag buildup occur on the walls of coreless channel furnaces pressure-pour furnaces or ladles within the first several hours of operation.

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The Tight Cover Ladle has a removable bottom allowing refractory in the reaction zone to be repaired without removing the good refractory in the upper part of the ladle. Order a spare bottom to have lined and ready for hot or cold changes whenever needed. No Slag Build-Up

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